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Pillars for Sustainable Justice.
InAccord Justice Centers has identified eight pillars to achieving “sustainable justice”... »

The InAccord Conflict Analysis Model

The InAccord Conflict Analysis Model Central Premise: A Disputant Focused Approach The InAccord Model is based on the central premise that... »

Centers Worldwide

InAccord Justice Centers ® (IAJC) is pioneering a network of international alternative dispute resolution (ADR) Centers around the world. These... »

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I am pleased to introduce myself to the readership as the Research Consultant and Coordinator for Mediators without Borders, where I have been serving in this capacity for 18 months, at the...
Conflict is an inevitable fact of life, whether it occurs between couples or within or between companies and countries. The effective resolution of conflict is a growing field of study with many...

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Who we are

An organization that builds bridges between police, social services, educational institutions and businesses working for peace throughout the world »

What we do

We follow the InAccord Conflict Analysis model for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for procedural justice for the clients we serve. »

Why choose us

IAJC's unique approach creates a springboard for self-liberation and encouragement through our model of Authenticity and Transparency in Negotiations »

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In Justice, inAccord

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Touchstone Skills for Authentic Communication by Genna Murphy and Shauna Ries

Touchstone Skills for Authentic Communication

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